The vine is finally speaking! Spring 2019
» » The vine is finally speaking! Spring 2019

The vine is finally speaking! Spring 2019

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Forewords:  in this short text the vine is talked about as a “she”, not an “it”, as we consider she is a person, who needs care and respect with a social, working and family life. A “she” rather than a “he” as it is the gender used in French for the vine.

She always shows her desire for expressing her powerfulness in Spring. We have been so much frustrated last year by a vintage almost wiped out by the mildiou that it is not going to happen again! What matters now is to avoid an early work in between the rows where a beautiful earth life is showing the growth of natural herbs. In order to achieve the first protection against the mildiou and the oïdium, let the soil life go its own way will allow this protection.  On the Carignan, see the above photo, we can see one bud every 50 with a little mark of oïdium and really it won’t get away with it!

We do want to get back to ancestral practices especially for the very sensitive grape varieties like the Carignan and also for less fragile plants like Grenache, Marsanne and Chardonnay: a good powdering on a windless day will settle it. And then we will start debudding the base of the stem. As well as finish clearing the last plots, inaccessible in January due to the rain, with a precise tool acting in a radius of a few centimeters around the stem.

Have you ever heard this Occitan expression, « la vigna tiérèja ! »? I have been hearing it in May since I was a child. The vine « tiérège » when the buds burst out and draw neat green lines along the rows before the foliage develops and dresses up her trunk. It is an ephemeral and magnificent geometry!

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